Links and friends

Biokreis Leder

The group Biokreis includes a network of 1000 farmers, 120 proces­sors and 200 consu­mers whose consis­t­ently creative work defines ecolo­gical agriculture.

Christliche Initiative Romero

Christ­liche Initia­tive Romero (CIR) supports labor and human rights in Central America.


Trans­Fair e.V. awards the Fairtrade seal for fairly traded products and helps disad­van­taged producer families in Africa, Asia and Latin America improve their quality of life and work standards on a self-deter­mined basis.

Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Founda­tion works with brands, facto­ries, trade unions, NGOs and sometimes govern­ments to verify and improve workplace condi­tions where our clothing is made.


Femini­stic perspec­tives on politics, economy and society

Global Organic Textile Standard

The GOTS working committee consists of inter­na­tional experts who add their exper­tise in ecolo­gical agricul­ture and environ­men­tally and socially accoun­table textile manufac­tu­ring to the issue of product assessment.


GET CHANGED has grown out of NETZWERK FAIRE MODE. The network includes experts from the fields of fashion, sustaina­bi­lity , textile industry and communication.


GREEN­PEACE has launched several global campaigns and published a Guide­book to Textile quality seals in 2016.

Clean Clothes Campaign

The Clean Clothes Campaign supports improved working condi­tions and self-deter­mi­na­tion of workers in the clothing and sport industry.

HELVETAS - Handeln für eine bessere Welt

HELVATES fights for improved condi­tions of life in third world count­ries.  It operates a number of agricul­tural projects and offers critical news regar­ding genetic enginee­ring in agriculture.

Infodienst Gentechnik

News about geneti­cally modified organism (GMO) and the industry

INKOTA Netzwerk e. V.

INKOTA Netzwerk e.V. sensi­tizes the public on issues of foreign aid based infor­ma­tion and public affairs, focus­sing on problems in third world nations.

Pestizid Aktionsnetzwerk e.V.

PAN Germany offers infor­ma­tion about the negative impact of pesti­cide use and supports environ­men­tally friendly and socially fair alternatives.


Slow Fashion develops innova­tive concepts for various branches of sustainable econo­mies and lifestyles.”


SÜDWIND resear­ches and supports fair trade by exposing unfair struc­tures and showing alter­na­tives for action.


The Textil­bündnis acts as a multi-stake­holder initia­tive working towards impro­ve­ments on social, ecolo­gical and business levels along the textile produc­tion chain.

Textile Exchange


Textile Exchange offers educa­tion and infor­ma­tion transfer on: how can fibres, fabric, weave and the imple­men­ta­tion of standards along the supply chain be improved.




A research insti­tu­tion, UBA analyses its own environ­mental data and uses these to imple­ment environ­mental law as well as informing citizens.

Die Verbraucherinitiative e.V.

The VERBRAU­CHER INITIA­TIVE e. V. involves itself in ecolo­gical, health and social compe­tence for consumers.

Wissenschaftsladen Bonn

The Wissen­schafts­laden Bonn provides in-depth infor­ma­tion for citizens on complex issues, for example use of surface area, the energy turnaround, sustainable career oppor­tu­ni­ties and social fairness.


World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is a globally active environ­mental protec­tion agency with projects to maintain biolo­gical diversity.

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