What IVN offers

What IVN offers

What can businesses expect from a membership in IVN? What are the advantages of membership? Whether it is consultation or networking, whether to organize a concerted effort or work towards the larger goal, the IVN team is a trade organisation ready to work for you.

Effective Marketing

Incre­a­sing numbers of consu­mers are deman­ding textiles and leather goods that are verifiably produced in an ecolo­gical and socially accoun­table manner. Trust in brands and produ­cers is incre­a­singly important. Because IVN is perceived as a credible sustaina­bi­lity protago­nist, a membership demons­trates that this trust is well placed and that your business takes ethical products seriously.


The quality seals „NATURTEXTIL IVN ZERTIFIZIERT BEST“ and „NATURLEDER IVN ZERTIFIZIERT“ are recognized throughout Europe as the most consis­tent and compre­hen­sive standards for ecolo­gi­cally produced textiles and leather goods. Our guide­lines committee, which has developed IVN standards for many years now, is staffed by top-notch experts of the trade. Indepen­dent certi­fying agents who monitor compli­ance with IVN standards locally add their practical exper­tise to the associa­tion. As a result, IVN can draw on a high level of compe­tence along the entire produc­tion chain for textiles and leather goods. This is a valuable asset that you can use to your advantage.

Press and Public Relations

A business associa­tion has signi­fi­cantly improved oppor­tu­nities to gain the atten­tion of the media or to inform consu­mers with events and adver­ti­sing. Our reputa­tion in the media is that of a credible and compe­tent infor­ma­tion provider who views the textile and leather industry from a diffe­ren­tiated and open perspec­tive. IVN can also handle your press and public relations as well as your advertising.

Consultation and Schooling

IVN can support you with infor­ma­tion of all types.  We answer your questions regar­ding certi­fi­ca­tion, support you in sourcing, discuss which trade fairs are recom­mend­able and advise you on the legally correct formu­la­tion of adver­ti­sing texts for your products.  Membership quali­fies you for a reduced fee for IVN events such as the annual retailer training course or infor­ma­tion events in the context of the green forum.


In addition to its own quality seals NATURTEXTIL and NATURLEDER, IVN is co-owner of Global Organic Textile Standard. The major role which IVN plays in this globally recognized seal keeps it in the public eye on an inter­na­tional level.…and with it, you as a member.


It is easier to find suppliers, buyers or partners with the same focus in an associa­tion that joins protago­nists all along the produc­tion chain. We extend access to our own excel­lent contacts in the media, politics, educa­tional insti­tu­tions and in society to all our members.

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