IVN - who we are

The Inter­na­tional Associa­tion of Natural Textiles (IVN e.V.)

Preser­ving our environ­ment with its people, its animals and its plants is not merely a passing fashion. For IVN members, sustaina­bi­lity, respect and respon­si­bi­lity for our environ­ment is a basic principle of life. Our common goal is to apply this principle to all stages of produc­tion and commerce and to commu­ni­cate this to as many people as possible.

IVN awards two quality seals for ecolo­gi­cally produced products: NATUR­TEXTIL and NATUR­LEDER. For both seals, the associa­tion has defined parame­ters that have become a standard in the industry.  In addition, the associa­tion is co-owner of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a standard recognized world­wide for the produc­tion of sustainable textiles on an indus­trial scale.

We are pioneers in the field and trend-setters as concerns natural textiles and natural leather for the press, the public, politics and the trade.  As an business associa­tion, we repre­sent and support indivi­dual protago­nists from the areas of craft/trade, industry, commerce and service.

The associa­tion currently counts just under 100 members in the areas of craft/trade, industry and commerce. Our list of members includes suppliers, produ­cers along the produc­tion chain, manufac­tu­rers and brands as well as retailers and service provi­ders across the entire textile chain. As a result, we repre­sent a compre­hen­sive network of „green“ industry competence.


As an associa­tion of pioneers, values such as tradi­tion and respon­si­bi­lity are very important to us. Preser­ving nature and the environ­ment, an abiding interest in the people that work for us and a respon­si­bi­lity towards the people who buy our products are central ethics.

Goals and Mission

IVN’s main goal is to create an aware­ness for ecology, social accoun­ta­bi­lity, health issues and quality. To support businesses opera­ting in sustainable manufac­tu­ring of textiles and leather goods is its primary mission.

What IVN offers

Whether it is consul­ta­tion or networ­king, whether to organize a concerted effort or work towards the larger goal, the IVN team is a business associa­tion ready to work for you.


Since the disco­very of synthetic fibres and the onset of mass produc­tion, there has always been opposi­tion to sustainable develo­p­ment. 1989 marked the begin­ning of the first associa­tion of German manufac­tu­rers of natural textiles.

The Team

The IVN Team comprises several commit­tees and the business office. The execu­tive board, the guide­lines committee, the super­vi­sory committee and various commit­tees work together on a non-fee basis to further the goals of the association.

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