A profes­sional associa­tion succeeds or fails with its members.  This is true for IVN, too.That is why the general member­ship meeting (MV) is the central body of the associa­tion.  This general meeting takes place regularly once a year.  At this time, committee members for IVN’s central commit­tees are elected for two year terms. Their task it is to keep the associa­tion functio­ning: the execu­tive board, the guide­lines committee and the super­vi­sory committee. As of 2006, all commit­tees are actively supported by the IVN business office.

We would like to intro­duce ourselves.

Execu­tive board

The execu­tive board of IVN conducts the association’s business. It defines the strategic direc­tion and repres­ents the associa­tion. It is respon­sible for finances, convenes the annual general meeting and imple­ments its resolutions.

Guide­lines Committee

This committee is respon­sible for develo­ping and updating IVN guide­lines for the manufac­ture of natural textiles and natural leather goods. The committee is revie­wing, supple­men­ting and updating IVN guide­lines on an ongoing basis to reflect newest technical developments.

Super­vi­sory Committee

The super­vi­sory committee monitors compli­ance of certi­fied businesses with IVN guide­lines and deter­mines the measures to be applied in the case of non-compliance.

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