IVN Quality Seals

Why you should look for our label

Critical consu­mers want to be assured that products claiming to be sustainable truly meet standards of social accoun­ta­bi­lity and environ­mental protec­tion. For food stuffs throug­hout the EU, this assurance is provided by the “Bio”-seal which clearly defines in detail the terms „organic“ and „ecolo­gical“ as they apply to food.This seal does not apply to textiles and leather. To date, every manufac­turer can apply his own defini­tions to these claims. In contrast, the IVN quality seal attests at a glance that the labelled product is guaran­teed to have been manufac­tured in an ecolo­gical and socially respon­sible way, that it is free of harmful substances and that it is high quality.

Logo IVN Zertifiziert BEST

IVN certi­fied BEST

This standard sets the highest requi­re­ments for textile ecology by applying the maximum currently achie­vable levels of ecolo­gical produc­tion. BEST documents the entire produc­tion chain from both an ecolo­gical and social accoun­ta­bi­lity standpoint.
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Logo IVN Zertifiziert BEST

IVN certified

NATUR­LEDER is Europe’s only quality standard for sustainable leather. The quality seal NATUR­LEDER IVN ZERTI­FI­ZIERT attests that the labeled products repre­sent a very high level of ecology and quality.
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Logo IVN Zertifiziert BEST

Global Organic
Textile Standard

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an inter­na­tio­nally estab­lished standard that sets world­wide parame­ters for ecology and social accoun­ta­bi­lity in textile manufac­tu­ring.
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The quality labels „NATUR­TEXTIL zerti­fi­ziert BEST“, „GOTS“ and „NATUR­LEDER zerti­fi­ziert“ can only be used for products that meet strict produc­tion requi­re­ments which are independently verified and applied throug­hout the entire produc­tion chain.  All processes are assessed, begin­ning with the produc­tion of raw material, inclu­ding spinning, weaving, sewing as well as dying and finis­hing for textiles and tanning and condi­tio­ning for leather goods.

For those whose personal ethics include a respect for health, who believe in protec­ting water, air and soil, for whom it is important that people all over the world have decent work condi­tions and that animals are held respectfully, for those who choose quality over mass consump­tion, products certi­fied as „NATUR­TEXTIL zerti­fi­ziert BEST“, „GOTS“ and „NATUR­LEDER zerti­fi­ziert“ are the only logical and appro­priate choice.


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