Advantages of Certification

Certi­fi­ca­tion accor­ding to a deman­ding and highly credible seal functions as an avatar of your business.

Preemi­nant market positioning

BESTGOTS and NATUR­LEDER are highly credible and strict standards that evaluate environ­mental, social and health relevant aspects of products and businesses.  Consumer magazines, sustaina­bi­lity blogs and platforms as well as critical consumer initia­tives are unani­mous in acclai­ming these three IVN quality seals as exemplary.  They function as a highly efficient commu­ni­ca­tion tool for businesses wanting to articu­late their commit­ment to ethical and respon­sible standards of business.


The IVN certi­fi­ca­tion proce­dure requires that label issuing entities, testing insti­tutes and the business to be certi­fied are all separate and indepen­dent of each other.  Testing insti­tutes are natio­nally accre­dited and are themselves tested regularly. Every step in the produc­tion chain of a textile product is tested on site. This ensures a high credi­bi­lity for IVN standards and, through them, for your business. 

Product security

Our three quality seals ensure that the certi­fied products your business manufac­tures or offers are free of harmful substances and are produced on an environ­men­tally friendly and socially accep­table basis. This also applies to all products and services of your certi­fied suppliers, exten­ding all the way to fiber creation.  As a result, you can defer a part of your respon­si­bi­lity to the reliable and indepen­dent shoulders of third parties. 

Efficient Sourcing

IVN Certi­fi­ca­tion simpli­fies sustainable supply chain manage­ment.  Certi­fied businesses are not obliged to perso­nally reassure themselves of each step of the produc­tion chain for their products but can rely on supplier lists and positive lists. This  saves time and money.

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