We only have one planet earth

Social Responsibility

Fair work conditions as the basis for a decent life

Economic Feasibility

Working together to make sustainability successful

Health and Safety

Reassurance through certified products


Highest standards for fabric and workmanship

Who we are

IVN is an associa­tion of over 100 compa­nies from all stages of leather and textile manufac­tu­ring that stand for ecolo­gical and socially respon­sible produc­tion. As a business associa­tion, our role is both that of voice and facili­tator for our members and our industry. We provide factual infor­ma­tion for media profes­sio­nals and the public on subjects ranging from environ­ment, social respon­si­bi­lity, trans­pa­rency to consumer health and safety.
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What we want to achieve

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all textiles and leather goods were sustainable? What a huge boon that would be for both the environ­ment and humanity – affec­ting people both in their daily life and in their work. To achieve this goal, we work to increase aware­ness among consu­mers and politi­cians and to increase the market share of sustainable products.
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What we do

The ground­work was defining reliable quality seals based on ecolo­gical, quality and social standards. We offer our members services such as consul­ta­tion in prepa­ra­tion for certi­fi­ca­tion, business contacts and product data banks. We repre­sent their interests politi­cally and towards the media,actively engaging in public relations to further the entire sustainable textile and leather industry.
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Buying guide

Where can I find certified products as a consumer?

Supplier Database

Certified sources for producers