Certi­fi­ca­tion and Counseling

IVN offers a certi­fi­ca­tion process for all produ­cers, distri­bu­tors, manufac­tu­rers and suppliers in the textile and leather industry.  By using our quality seals, businesses can commu­ni­cate their commit­ment to sustaina­bi­lity in a credible, trans­pa­rent and readily compre­hen­sible manner.
Our quality seals, NATUR­TEXTIL BEST, Global Organic Textile Standard and NATUR­LEDER are based on strict and detailed defini­tions of ecolo­gical and social standards.  Audits are conducted by indepen­dent and speci­ally accre­dited Certi­fiers on the basis of the monito­ring system defined by IVN. Certi­fied businesses and their products can thus rest assured that labeled products truly conform to ecolo­gical, social and quality standards. 

Advan­tages of Certification

Certi­fi­ca­tion offers your business several real advan­tages begin­ning with a preemi­nent market positio­ning, credi­bi­lity and security in the market, and,last but not least, more efficient sourcing.

Certi­fi­ca­tion Counseling

In its role as standards-issuing autho­rity, IVN counsels and accom­pa­nies both member and non-member businesses for and during the process of certi­fi­ca­tion. Our know-how can make it easier for you to achieve ecolo­gical and social standards for textiles and leather.

Certi­fi­ca­tion Procedure

Businesses involved in proces­sing, manufac­tu­ring or distri­bu­ting textiles and/or leather can apply for certi­fi­ca­tion in compli­ance with the NATUR­TEXTIL BEST, NATUR­LEDER or Global Organic Textile Standard. In general, certi­fi­ca­tion proceeds as follows: Application/registration, schedu­ling, contract, inspec­tion, evalua­tion, certification

Licen­sing and Labelling

Upon successful certi­fi­ca­tion accor­ding to NATUR­TEXTIL BEST, GOTS or NATUR­LEDER guide­lines, the certi­fied business receives a license for and the right to label certi­fied products with the relevant quality seal. The requi­re­ments for licen­sing and labeling businesses and their products are speci­fied in the guidelines/directives.

List of Certifiers

Certi­fying insti­tutes are indivi­du­ally autho­rized by IVN for specific product groups and quality seals. Their subsi­dia­ries world­wide ensure their ability to certify global supply chains.

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